Looking to create extra living or bedroom space? If possible, one simple solution is to build an extension to your existing property. Not only will this provide you with the additional space, but can also add significant value to you property. 

ABS Services can provide you with a complete ‘one shop’ extension service from the initial architect & design stage, to obtaining planning consent and undertaking construction. Our aim is to make your new extension blend in as much as possible with your original building design and the surrounding area.

If you are considering adding an extension to your property, please do not hesitate to contact ABS Services for  an initial consultation. We can outline in detail the complete process, including design options that may be relevant to your property.

All building works are carried out in accordance and with approval from your local town hall and community. Regular town hall inspections are also undertaken during construction to ensure that all works are up to standard and within the approved planning.  Building materials proposed for construction are also specified during the planning application and only approved materials will be used.

Do your own a Sabina Villa at La Torre? Create an extra room to the space where your Pergola covers. Checkout below the hipped roof and glass curtains extension on a Sabina Villa. Additional all year round inside and outside living space.

We have displayed a few recent extension photo’s below that we have completed at La Torre Golf Resort. Property models include Sabina, Caballa and Cornical.