Water Leak Detection

Are you experiencing a recent unexpected drop in your water pressure?
Kitchen tap low on pressure? Shower pressure weaker than normal?
Are you receiving higher water bills than previously?
          Reduced Water Pressure?

pvc-pipe-leakThese pointers strongly indicate you have a water leak of some kind on your property. Water Leaks not only prove expensive by producing excessively high water bills, but over time can also severely damage building structures and foundations. It is therefore necessary to establish quickly what side of your mains water value the leak is occurring from. If the leak is somewhere from your main water stop value into your property, this is then the responsibility of the property owner. If the leak proves to be anywhere in the mains water pipe before your mains water stop value this will be the responsibility of your water utility company and you should contact the water company immediately to report the fault so that this can be investigated and repaired.

wd 001Using our specialist water leak detecting equipment we can accurately and quickly pin point any leaks from you mains water supply. Should we locate a leak on your property we can then excavate the area concerned and repair where necessary. If your mains water pipe is old or in poor condition it may be advisable in some instances to completely replace the whole length of pipe in your property to ensure there are no further leaks and additional expense incurred for the foreseeable future.

If you suspect you have a water leak of some form within the boundaries of your property, please do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible. ABS Services can potentially save you thousands of pounds to your water bill and also help protect your property from long term water damage.

ABS Services Water Leak Detection in Murcia Spain and all surrounding areas.

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Water Leak Detection